Tire services

Jack Tires offers all types of tire services.


Tyre assembly

Tire fitting available. We can also fit tires on rims that are difficult to fit. We work with state-of-the-art equipment for mounting and balancing.

Tyre repairs

Sometimes a punctured tire or a flat tire is not unusable. We can check your tire and, if possible, fix it so you can keep driving without worry.

Repair of discs

If you've got a mess with your favourite discs, we can help. We'll repair or restore any discs we can.

Filling air conditioners

To avoid driving on a hot summer day in a hot car, you need to take care of your air conditioning system. We can refill, check and repair it for you.

Tire hotel

You can store your tires with us after changing them. When you need them, you can fit them and you won't have to worry about transporting them to Jack's Tires.

Džeka Riepas Pro

Servicing his company's car park at Jack's. Good and clear conditions and the best prices in Riga.